Repair Service

At Bath Place Music we operate our own in-store workshop, where we offer repair, maintenance and service for your instruments. Darcy, the Store Manager is a highly skilled and experienced Luthier and Electronics Technician, able to fix or modify a wide range of instruments, guitars, amps, pedals and keyboards being his speciality. So whether it’s a simple restring, or small repairs like a replacement guitar nut or a more complex modification of the pickups on your prized electric guitar, or new speakers in your amp, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or call into the store.

As main dealers for many of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Fender, Marshall, Orange, Ibanez, and so much more, we have great relationships with these companies and thus will source and use genuine parts in repairing your precious instruments. Because of this, we are an approved repair centre for many companies, including Orange Amplification and Fender, so you can be sure that the services we offer, we are qualified to carry out.

Prices for our common repairs and maintenance services are as follows
Standard Restring£12 + Strings
Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo Guitars£15 + Strings
Gibson Tronica Tuning System£15 + Strings
Pickup Fitting Service
Fitting a Pickup£25
Pickups can be bought from us or from a 3rd party
Basic SetupFrom £35 + Strings
Basic setup includes: Fretboard deep clean + oiling, polish frets, neck set, intonation adjustments, action height adjustment and nut height adjustment.

We strongly recommend a new set of strings for this service to get the best possible setup on the guitar.

Other Services
Nut Replacement£25 + Cost of Material
Electric Guitar: Electronics Work£35 P/H + Cost of Material

If you would like us to perform a service not on the list above then you contact us through the form below and we can give you a quote on it. Remember to include as much detail as possible about any problems or what you would like us to do so that we can give you a quote as accurate as possible.